Jasen Scott

Pianist, Conductor, Musical Director and Arranger


"Time flies when you're having fun!"

My, my, my! I looked back at the website to see how up to date it was, only to realise that it's been almost TWO MONTHS since I've written a blog post! I sincerely apologise. When you read what's been happening, you'll completely understand why. Here's a short summary:

  • One musical, which received a 4.5/5 review as one of the best in Melbourne;
  • One Orchestra YouTube series, consisting of a team of 54 talented musicians, 5 videos and 136 hours of work, planning and recording;
  • 17 Assignments for a Full Time Music Degree, including the composition of new works(!!!);
  • Recital Examination program preparation for my (first) performance on the 14th November, 2016;
  • Auditions, Planning and Meetings for the upcoming series of Crescendo Orchestra videos, as well as new additions to the team as we move into the live performance market;
  • 5 of my students and colleagues completing the VCE Music and/or AMEB Examinations, all to a standard of which I am very proud of them all;
  • A multitude of performances on which I have had the privilege of working and/or attending thanks to my position at Arts Centre Melbourne;
  • Election to the committee of the Melbourne University Music Students' Society, as the First Year Representative for the oncoming cohort;
  • Being crowned King of the Prom at the Melbourne University Music Student Prom;
  • 45 Hours spent on Public Transport, travelling to and from work/university/rehearsal sessions;
  • 117 Coffees consumed (for sustenance);
  • 8 Plane flights;
  • 1 Dad's 60th Birthday in Tamworth;
  • A lacking sufficiency of sleep.

Tired from reading that list?

It made me tired.. just writing it. But the good news is, many, many things have been happening, and for that I am eternally grateful. As I write to you, I'm packing my bags and returning to Melbourne from Tamworth, NSW, where I attended the premiere performance of Tamworth Musical Society's production of Wicked. TMS are my first and former musical society and I'm quite proud that they were able to pull off such a tough show. For an amateur society, TMS should give themselves a definite pat on the back for being up to standard, putting on productions that are equivalent in standard to the productions in the major capital cities. Well done!

Wicked, presented by Tamworth Musical Society, Capitol Theatre Tamworth. Starring Jessica Cooper-White as Elphaba, and Brookie Gillett as Galinda. Image: ABC New England North West (Facebook) © 2016.

The past few weeks have seen us finishing the First Series of the Crescendo Orchestra's YouTube debut. The series featured an orchestra of 37 players, plus 5 vocalists and a behind the scenes team of 5 to make the series happen. We're very pleased to announce that the series has been a success, and we'll be filming for the next series starting from December! Exciting times! :) If you missed the past series, you can see the series feature, Time Warp, with the entire team below. You can also watch the entire series here, or click here to subscribe so that you don't miss the next series!

This video features all of this series's vocalists with the Crescendo Orchestra in their group challenge: "Time Warp", in an epic arrangement for the ensemble. This song was easily the orchestra's favourite to play, and my favourite to conduct. It's astounding!

Over the past few months, I've been the Assistant Musical Director and Repetiteur for Western Arts Theatre Inc.'s production of Annie, held at Maribyrnong College from the 23rd September to 2nd October. I had the privilege of working with a fantastic creative team, namely Musical Director, Minna Ikonen, Director, Chris Anderson and A. Director, Kai Mann-Robertson. Furthermore, I had the even bigger privilege of being part of the sensational orchestra that was housed in a room backstage no bigger than a shoebox. A massive thanks to Minna for welcoming me into the show, despite us having never met before the show started rehearsals.

The Annie Orchestra, Western Arts Theatre Inc., 2016. Photo: Ben Fon © 2016.

Also, on a side note, congratulations to her for passing her Certificate of Performance in Musical Theatre (Voice) just a few weeks post-show! I was the accompanist for her exam.

I've had the lucky opportunity to attend a multitude of concerts, namely the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, held at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne, and the David Bowie Tribute Concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at Hamer Hall, just to name a few. I must offer a massive thanks to Arts Centre Melbourne for giving me the chance to work on and attend these shows, as they've not only been a pleasure to work for, but have been instrumental in being an inspiration for my own work. Thank you!

In my "time off" (I know, funny right?), I was able to attend the University of Melbourne Music Students' Society Ball, held at the San Remo Ballroom in Carlton. What a fantastic evening! Not only was the food great and there was more than sufficient wine available (I approved), I was crowned the King of the Prom dressed in my white suit. It was a great chance to bond with the people I've been working hard with all year, so a special thank you to all those lovely people who are now closer in my life as a result! I had.. a ball. ;)

Alas, I must now go. I'm due to board a plane shortly, plus I have work to be getting on with - exams start MONDAY - AHHHHHHH! Plenty of new material in the pipeline, including new YouTube material, and shortly I'll be announcing my upcoming solo recitals being held in Melbourne! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, don't forget to leave me a comment telling me what you'd like to learn about me!

Until next time,

Jase xx