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Train Dinners, Tickets and Theatre Performances

As I write to you this evening, I'm sitting on a crowded Metro train on my way to an evening rehearsal of Annie. I've just finished my semi-regular ritual of "train dinners" (I'm full of class, I know), and taking a five minute break from life duties. Really important to eat well, despite the busy-ness! I always feel like crap after a day or two of junk food.

"Train Dinners". Image: © Jasen Scott, 2016.

But enough about food. There's much more to share from the week! For example, this week saw me returning to another week of rehearsals with the cast of Western Arts Theatre Inc.'s Annie. My friend, colleague and Musical Director Minna has been unwell for the past week, which has left me to keep the musical ship running! But with her return today, we're still right on track and roaring forward in preparations.

In case you missed it, we released the first video featuring the Crescendo Orchestra for their YouTube series this year, which you can see here:

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As a new member of the Visitor Experience team at Arts Centre Melbourne, I had the privilege of attending the Australian Youth Orchestra's Concert at Hamer Hall on Saturday night with a few of my musical friends and colleagues! The true highlights included Helénè Grimaud performing the 1st Ravel Piano Concerto, a double encore from the orchestra following an hour long marathon that was Mahler's First Symphony.

The Australian Youth Orchestra. Image: © Jasen Scott, 2016.

Me with my friends in the second row! Image: © Jasen Scott, 2016.

Last weekend also saw the finish of Koonung Secondary College's production of "The Wedding Singer", for which I played Keys 1 and had a ball. Between improvised egg shaker solos, deciding George's theme every night, and testing out my running skills to the station post show (there was like a five minute window between show end and my train departing each night), by the end of it, we definitely felt that "today we were a band" (yes, a cheesy line from the show, look it up). I thoroughly enjoyed the playing and the atmosphere working in the pit, and it was a pleasure to play for!

The Band for The Wedding Singer at Koonung SC. Image: Unknown.

I also had a drop-in call for Penola Catholic College's production of Hairspray! Musical Director Simon Greatwood was a pleasure to play for on short notice, and the band was a very "tight" ensemble. It was an unusual set-up: there was no orchestra pit in the theatre, but rather than placing the orchestra in a separate studio away from the public, we were set up in the foyer of the theatre, meaning we played entrance and exit music as well, in full view of the public! We had to be on our best behaviour (as of course, we were). The most impressive anecdote from this show was none other than the orchestra's drummer (who's name I unfortunately can't remember), being the mere age of 16 and playing in an orchestra full of otherwise professional musicians, and doing a cracking job! I was extremely impressed. It's so encouraging to see young players in their early days, I hope that he keeps drumming on - he could be a professional pit player someday!

Musical Director, Simon Greatwood in action for Hairspray. Image: © Jasen Scott, 2016.

Alas, I must depart. Time for rehearsal. Back to life! Make sure to keep up to date by subscribing to my email list and follow me on Facebook and Youtube.

Next time,

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