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Pianist, Conductor, Musical Director and Arranger

Freedom, Frolicking and Friend-time

The last month has flown by incredibly quickly, and I have no idea where the time has gone. I think I forget to document everything that happens in my life and as a result time passes without me even stop to reflect. It's why these blog posts are so important to me. Also, it gives me a chance to let you see exactly what I've been up to, and the ways in which I think.

Schools Spectacular, 2016 @ Qudos Bank Arena. Images: © Jasen Scott, 2016.

As I write to you, I'm sitting on the maroon lounge in my Aunt and Uncle's house in Ashfield, Sydney. Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the 2016 Schools Spectacular, held for the first time at Sydney Olympic Park. I've never been so inspired by a production.. four about half of the show, I was in tears. I get so emotionally happy and aurally content with some performances that I just shed tears of joy. That happened to me on multiple occasions last night. It was also a pleasure to see performers that have been involved with the show for many years growing and shaping their futures; Siobhan Clifford, Harmony Lovegrove, Bella Thomas, Joshua Meader, Josef Laga'aia... the list goes on. A brilliant performance. I'll be taking more friends next year.

I've been flat out surviving my exams with the University of Melbourne. I had seven exams across the examination period, which finished last week. I've just received my results in the past 3 days, and I'm happy to say that I've passed all my exams with flying colours! It's a nice relief to know that even through the infinite amount of commitments and shows and performances that have been thrown my way this semester, I've still achieved a reasonable result. I feel that, in reflection, I still have many hours to put into the practice room in order to increase that mark for the coming years, but considering my background in classical repertoire, I was extremely happy to have passed at the level I did. It's onwards and upwards from here!

Post-exam selfie with my Girlfriend, Chloe. Image: © Jasen Scott, 2016.

The work didn't stop straight after exams, though. I then dived straight into rehearsals and preparations for my very own recital, my premiere solo piano performance in Melbourne with my dear friend Bonnie Roe. The performance took place at Wyselaskie Auditorium, a beautifully intimate venue, surrounded by friends and colleagues. I felt especially privileged to have my teacher, Stephen McIntyre, also in attendance. My colleagues from Crescendo Music Australia also assisted me in putting together some modern repertoire, from Adele to Regina Spektor and even some musical theatre comedy. A massive thanks to Bonnie, Amelia Wawrzon, Shajeda Kalitzki, and the Crescendo String Quintet (George Parker, Grace Gilkerson, Eugenie Lyons, Jake Deans & Jamie Tram) for their time and professionalism, to Matt Hood and Bonnie's family for assisting with catering and making things run smoothly. Thank you all so much!

Bonnie Roe & Jasen Scott: "Partners in Piano" Post-Concert Photo. L to R: Amelia Wawrzon, Shajeda Kalitzki, Bonnie Roe, Jasen Scott, Jamie Tram, Jake Deans, Eugenie Lyons, Grace Gilkerson, George Parker. Image: Unknown, © Jasen Scott, 2016.

My position at Arts Centre Melbourne in the Visitor Experience department has been nothing but a huge privilege to have in this time of the year. I get to work in the venues with hundreds of terrific productions which serve as a huge inspiration to me, and my work. In the past weeks, I've been witness to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) performing Indiana Jones' "Raiders of the Lost Ark", Dvorak's Cello Concerto with the MSO, the Australian Girls' Choir Annual Showcase, the opening night of The Production Company's "Dusty", and the opening performances of Opera Australia's Melbourne Ring Cycle, just to name a few. I've been so incredibly lucky to not only be able to attend these performances, but also to work on these performances. I feel incredibly grateful. To ACM, thank you for giving me such a wonderful job that not only supports me financially, but also artistically!

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performs Dvorak's Cello Concerto, with German Cellist Alban Gerhardt, Hamer Hall, Melbourne, AU. Image: © Jasen Scott, 2016.

Behind the scenes, a lot of my time has been going into the launching of my new business: Crescendo Music Australia. Last weekend, we held the first official Orientation Day for our future team members, in the Botanic Gardens on a beautiful Melbourne Spring day. It was great to get everyone together formally for the first time and talk through everything thoroughly and to get any uneasy thoughts out in the open air. We've also been madly writing procedures, guidelines, business plans and structures to make the company work, and we look forward to sharing more material on this with you very soon! We'll be announcing our 2017 season very soon.

Finally, on a personal note, for those of you don't know, I've been appreciating the presence of my relatively new girlfriend, Chloe. We've been together for just over two months now, she's a Science major and French Horn player at my uni. I made sure to prioritise her for the past few weeks, as last Sunday she headed back to the United States for three months (she's American). I was up very early last Sunday to take her to the airport for her 8am flight (even after arriving home at 2:30am with her). For those of you who know me, you'll know I'M NOT A MORNING PERSON (like, at all), and so for me to make the effort to take her to the airport on a Sunday morning after no sleep speaks volumes about just how important she is to me. She doesn't return until the 9th February next year... I'm counting down the days. I'll miss her very much.


Finally-finally, a huge huge thank you to everyone who has supported me through this year, the ups and the downs. You all know who you are. Thank you so much for helping me to step closer and closer to my dreams each and every day, and supporting me when I fall. I owe you my eternal gratitude.

I must away to sleep.
Until next time,
Jase xx