Jasen Scott

Pianist, Conductor, Musical Director and Arranger

Collaborations and Celebrations - The Crescendo Orchestra

As I write to you, I'm sitting with a cup of tea on a Sunday morning at my desk amongst piles of washing, linen, groceries, census papers and books, madly in preparation for my return to study tomorrow. The funny thing is, I feel as if I haven't actually had a holiday.

The reason I feel this way will no doubt be clear if you've been following my work, but if you haven't, you're about to find out why. Among many projects I've been working on this Winter, the stand out of them all is this one: the Holiday Collaborations project with the newly formed Crescendo Orchestra.

Collaborations Project Rehearsal, Victorian College of the Arts, 21st July 2016. Image: Amelia Wawrzon © 2016.

45 Musicians including 4 Vocalists.

396 pages of music (arranged by me), 420 pages of music total.

The day saw a special collaboration between the many facets of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and Victorian College of the Arts students; from Performance in Classical stream to Jazz streams, Composition and Conducting.

We took on 7 pieces over the course of 5 hours. None of the music had ever been rehearsed before that day, and half of the musicians in the room had never played alongside one another before. I had never conducted such a strong ensemble before, and for me, that was incredibly daunting to walk in to. I very quickly relaxed into the role, but not without hours of great nerves and preparation to do so. In addition to conducting preparations, I also wrote all but one of the arrangements for the day's rehearsal - 30 staves of music X 6 pieces = LOTS OF HOURS (= tired Jasen). But well worth the effort, and is now an establishing set of material for a new type of event entertainment to appear in the Melbourne market.. But more on that soon. Spoilers!

I'd like to take this moment to sincerely thank each and every musician that came to play on Thursday, 21st July for this project. I had an absolutely thrilling day, and the day wouldn't have been nearly as successful without each and every one of you. Thank you! :) :)

There will be YouTube footage released over the coming weeks of the day's results. Stay tuned on this website or visit my YouTube channel. HINT: you may want to check, tonight.. :P

UPDATE/EDIT: Footage has now been released! You can view the first video of the series HERE.

In other news, this week saw me finish playing for Koonung Secondary's production of "The Wedding Singer" In Mont Albert North. A hugely fun show to play and a great bunch of people - the biggest challenge each night was to select which piece of music to play as the on-stage keyboard playing character "George" 's introduction.. past options were the Star Wars theme, the Entertainer.. comment some suggestions for my next one!

Back to university. Busy times. I've recommenced my lessons with my amazing teacher, Stephen McIntyre in preparation for my end of year recital, plus some study in Alexander Technique and Music Language, as well as continuing on with German and Aural Studies.

More soon!

Until then,

Jasen x