Jasen Scott

Pianist, Conductor, Musical Director and Arranger

Breaking Free! (No, not a HSM reference)

It's Sunday night, the 18th of June, and I sit in my apartment looking out the window at a dark, grey sky. Meanwhile, I'm surrounded and drowning in Business Lectures and Notes for my final exam tomorrow: Principles of Management. Not something I'd ever thought I'd be taking as part of my Music degree.

And yet, it's probably been one of the most useful subjects I've ever undertaken in my educational career. I've learned about the management basics of corporate organisations and the underlying human principles that encompass the very basic practice of managing people. Most people in the subject have hated it because it's purely theoretical - I feel extremely privileged to be able to take the theory and put it straight into practice.

But all while I think this through in my head, I can't wait for these exams to be done tomorrow.

Lots of big, exciting things are coming up in the weeks ahead, and I really want to dive head-first into making them happen, but tonight, I feel like my wings are clipped.

So what have I been up to, you ask?

  • Exams. LOTS of exams. Seven, to be exact. My performance exam was last Tuesday, and I feel seriously confident that my marks will have improved upon this time last year. I felt so much more confident as a pianist in this exam! On top of that, I sat through a Music History, Music Technology and a few other minor exams.
  • Music Technology also led me to write a short film score, which I'm delighted to share with you! I was asked to write scoring using Logic Pro X for a piece of film between 30 sec and 5 mins long, to any piece of existing film available. I literally just grabbed the first landscape film that appeared on YouTube and wrote music for it. Check it out exclusively, below, or check out the audio on SoundCloud.

EXCLUSIVE: "The Shire" - Landscape Film. Directed by Luke Walker-Maund, Music by Jasen Scott. Original Score "Telling Storys" by Dexter Britain. Original Video can be found here.

  • I've been working hard with my colleagues at Crescendo Music Australia to develop our next projects... we're very excited to announce (you heard it here first) that Series Two, The Crescendo Orchestra will be recorded next month! Due for fortnightly release from early August. :) Stay tuned, and subscribe to our channel so you don't miss it! We'll also be working towards a few live performances in the next few months... keep your eyes and ears peeled!
  • I played at the Melbourne Recital Centre for two concerts with the Melbourne University Wind Symphony and the Melbourne University Concert Bands (alongside my partner, Chloe). SUPER FUN concerts under Dr. Kevin Cameron, and my parents came to visit!
  • I've been to LOTS of shows, the highlights of which have to be Aladdin, produced by Disney, and Hans Zimmer and his Band, Live. BRILLIANT productions, all presented super well. Music to my ears!

It's been an incredibly busy time, but for now, I should return to studying my brain off and getting these cursed management theories into my head before my exam tomorrow..

Can't wait to share some more exciting stuff with you soon!

Jase x